About Us

Savour an impeccable Japanese dining experience

Inspired by the truest traditions of Japanese cuisine. Infused with the imagination of contemporary tastes. Senjyu which means 'eternity of life' was chosen to convey our lifelong passion in serving the freshest and finest Japanese food. Similarly, the flying crane in our logo symbolises longevity and soaring to greater heights – a testament to our unwavering dedication in perfecting our craft and reinventing Japanese cuisine.

Our specialities:

  • Premium Japanese cuisine prepared with the freshest and finest air-flown ingredients, including our signature selections of Wagyu beef, giant scallops and live oysters.
  • An eclectic selection of exquisite liquor, wine and beer to complement the meal.
  • Omakase dining experience – Entrust our chef to prepare an entire meal catered specifically to your tastes. It's a novel yet satisfying Japanese dining experience reminiscent of viewing an artistic presentation.

Come and discover the latest array of refined casual premium dining Japanese offerings combined with a touch of elegance and modern creativity. Savour the best of both worlds in a perfect balance of contemporary and authentic Japanese cuisine, only at Senjyu.


Column Review 07 Dec 2011